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Rainbows, unicorns, & skittles

All is great here in South Podunk Country.


The frogs finally woke up this weekend and are singing down by the pond. Just went out and got the wife's car going and the stars are shining bright.


The frost is all gone and NH3 is going on all around here. Might try to get a bar this week. Got the oats and new seeding all done this weekend.


Got the weather rock almost damp a few times but none of that nasty ol mud to contend with. Supposed to have a few warm days  later in the week, that should alow some of last years cracks to start to start to "bloom".


Seems to be a little on the dry order from my western farms in NW Kansas (some of my neighbors farms out there are developing dirt dunes in the terrices and road ditches) to my South Podunk Country "Hobbyfarms".


If "plant in the dust, your bins will bust" is a true statement, I'll need help in the bin building area this summer. The tile lines for the most part are not even dripping.


I can not remember a year in the last 40+ years that we had not at least had one 1" rain by this time in the spring. Still too early to need a crying towel but...


Getting  a little bit pessimistic but life is great here, back in the toolie dingles.


Two weeks till planting thirty.

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Re: Rainbows, unicorns, & skittles

Don't worry ole buddy ! You will get them 1 inchs rains in about 2 weeks or so , probably thru May . There - fell better ? Smiley Happy

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Re: Rainbows, unicorns, & skittles

Looks like KS picked up precious little rain last night.

Click on the county and then click on large map.

From the radar maps last night I was guessing it was three X that amount.

Some sweet corn was planted around here last week.Smiley Surprised

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