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Re: Raise corn for $1/bushel!

375$ a bag here recommended 36000 to 40000 an acre that’s 2 acres to a bag. Central IL rent 300+ an acre. Currently on my cash rent and share crop ground around 1000 acres 710$ an acre. Avg. yield 175 obviously you is don’t live or grow corn in a corn state.
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Re: Raise corn for $1/bushel!

Illini....a case could be made that some of your recommendations are not supported by the data.

IF you average yield is 185, close to many in Indiana before this year, then the optimal seeding rate

is going to be 34000 in good dirt, and a mere 26000 on the hills, making the average right around

30,000 for our farm (long way from 38000) There is no data to support higher rates. In IN if you

get 32000 good plants you get MEY. (MAx Econ Yield)


Becks 5829A4 can be had for $158 after 10% pay by 1/10 (I exclude the additional $6 Pres Club

rebate as you might not want it). 30000 @ 158, so $59/acre. Its average yield over 3000 acres the

last 3 years would be around 190 on our farm (so above avg) with a rang of 165 to 235. The stax upon

stax average yield is the same or maybe 3 bu more. MEY is not obtained with a STAX anything on

our farm.


Anyway, challenge the counsel you are getting and make them give you data to back it up.

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