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Re: Ray's report from south Texas

Left McAllen area this morning heading north on 281/I-37 to San Antonio, then I-35 north to the Thursday night stop in Waco area....once again, very limited activity....finally saw a couple of wheat fields north of Austin with some green's been way too much brown so far!


We normally see some good looking wheat as we approach Ft. Worth area, so wish us luck on that Friday morning...


I'm ready to see some fieldwork and diesel smoke in the air!


Ray J

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Re: Ray's report from south Texas

Ray: Thanks for the recent update. Sounds as if the market's concerns about plains wheat may be well founded.


Surprised you didn't see a little more field action down there around McAllen, given the report  I had gotten from a local. Farmers were probably waiting for you to leave before getting back to work. 


Sounds like you had a great marketing meet-up with folks down there. -- John

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Re: Ray Jenkins reporting from south Texas

The real question is did you see any of those Texas rattlesnakes?

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