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BA Deere
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Re: Really???

Good points BF2012, I think this little bounce may have enough to it though to get triggers pulled on purchasing inputs, some incentive to get ready to put some seed in the ground in about 90 days from now.  Gurus been preaching to make sales on bounces, so here`s a "bounce" and sales will be made and then input money spending will follow.


After enough crumbs are stolen off the table, then the rhetoric of "crop went in good" and "favorable summer predicted" can commence.

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Re: Really???

Dude, I didn't fall off  a turnip truck. I have been in business 29 years. I'm talking about farm liquidation or retirement sales. It's the most accurate valuation of equipment prices. 

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Re: Really???

I appreciate your observations Itburnham.  

There haven't been many salse so far..... It is always a "tipping point" issue that takes some volume to get the change made...

I would doubt that much has changed yet... except for dealers where it usually starts when the trade ins and the trade ups stop happening...

Machinery should be current for most with the good years just behind us.  Stretching out some payments comes first, repairing what we got, but dealers are already into the problem...


We are working on the what expenses go first.....I wouldn't want to be a fungicide salesman in the dryer climates of the west...

There is always more flexability in the expenses than we think...  74 cents a pound phos is getting some hard looks... If we are paying attention we should be locking in this fuel assistance for the coming year before it disappears in a mid east war...



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Red Steele
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Re: Really???

some of the guys that go and buy at a neighbors retirement sale don't watch the bigiron, auctiontime, etal sites and see what things are actually going for. It is an eye opener.


Right now, a retiring farmers best friend is a good local auctioneer that can sway a crowd. "Hey boys...this man farmer all his life....lets do right by him, by golly!" and "it's had a good know where it comes from"