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Re: Mike, let me ask you this question.

We get half the story and an inference that demand may be down........... is that true..... is any of it true...??

his weeks headline ----- July   2019 ----  From the folks that recycle headlines  

US ethanol stocks smash records to top 24.4m barrels: EIA



March 22 2019----US ethanol stocks reach record 24.448 million barrels

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation urging the agency to help expedite rail delivery of biofuels amid the historic flooding. In that letter, Skor warned that logistics problems associated with the flooding have caused ethanol supplies in some U.S. markets to become tight. She also warned that logistics problems could force some plants to reduce production as their storage capacity becomes fully utilized. 


Mike production decreases for lots of reasons.......... maybe (and probably) one stat has nothing to do with the other.   Maybe production is down because corn supplies are getting short.   When supply is short even basis doesnt make more than there is...... Our corn deficit area is low on supply..   Call someone that actually produces ethanol next time..... But then you'd have to take a real producers word instead of a propaganda jocky in DC

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Re: Record Ethanol Stocks, Corn Outlet Fades?

Tell me how much corn I'm going to have to market that is the real question.