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Reevaluation Time

I never saw this market blog as a place for fun and games. Apparently, I was at least somewhat mistaken.

It's not that we can't have some fun here. But, recently, once again, I see the site infiltrated by those that would rather play games here, than offer something of substance. I don't mind a good discussion. Heck, Hobby and I have gotten into plenty, and I'm OK with that. He has one side of an argument, I have another, and we've come to a stalemate.

I've never used a computer to play games, but apparently, since that's what many do on the internet, the bring the game playing here. Worse, they try to influence those who use this site to rethink or change a marketing plan, and it costs them money. I apologized for my being off on the crop last year, and it wasn't just because of something I saw out my back door, which was pretty bad. The frost over the weekend lowered the yield on a lot of acres, destroyed others, and you can bet that lots of pictures of Midwest crops were taken from space to try and evaluate the damage, with boots on the ground to verify what the satellites see. Farmers get to stand alone in their frosted fields, and wonder how many more.

This site is important for that exchange of information. I don't need to be here, I'm here because I feel what I bring to the American Farmer is important. I don't play games. If you want to play games, find a kid to play Sorry with.

For me, I'll have to see where this goes, and how and what this site really is.

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Re: Reevaluation Time



I bet you hit the nail on the head with this comment you made above


and you can bet that lots of pictures of Midwest crops were taken from space to try and evaluate the damage,

If the lowly farmer could only get this info first. I know we can just go out in our fields and see it but you just are looking at your backyard and as we have been told hundreds of times on here our backyards don't count.

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Re: Reevaluation Time

Jen, I am only one opinion, but your information has been very much appreciated......keep it up.