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Renewable fuels

Someone want to give us an idea of the impact
Of today's story about the RFS. The impact of
Moving the blending from plant, to the fuel
Distribution people.
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Re: Renewable fuels

Would that not make it easier to increase the use of blender pumps? Might be a good thing
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Honored Advisor

Re: Renewable fuels

Would have been better from the start..  It has almost blocked the use of ethanol.  The refinery is never going to promote anything more than it is forced to blend, it needs volume quantities so the least % blend is least problem and anything above is not going to get provided...


The fuel distributor should have been involved from the start....  E-85 never had a chance.


Blending at the refinery just made it easier for government employees to enforce and stay in the office.


I never thought ag. got what it "lobbied" for.  IMO if ethanol hadn't replaced MTBE it would not have been publicly encouraged at all.

Lets face it --- it improves gasoline's effect on environment..... hard to accept when your trying to kill the oil industry.

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Re: Renewable fuels

MTBE  was  blended  at  the  refinery ---


Wonder  if  the  export  fuel  contains  any  Ethanol  ?


Rig  counts  up    -   refined  products aplenty - - - 


Did  I  miss  something  on  refinery  capacity   orrr    where  did  all  this export  gallons  come  from ? ?

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