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Report: Global feed wheat usage

Apparently the report upped feed wheat usage to 40 million MT globally. That;'s around a 50% increase. One would suppose that would displace corn or other feed grain. Japan and China active buyers.

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Re: Report: Global feed wheat usage

Not just Japan and China.

Wheat for feed isway up in Ontario too.

I posted earlier about an elevator that told me they were shipping wheat steady and most of it was going to a large feed mill in Ontario which henamed.

Recently taked to a person who informed me that mill was now using over 50% wheat when it used to use almost 100% corn.

I posed the question then, do we have enough wheat?

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Re: Report: Global feed wheat usage

palouser, grains arb in feed valye and price to the lowest cost feedstick.

C is Sooo high, vs  wheat, with teh US crop don, there would be record wheat feeding.


world wheat ES is plentiful, really excess, so it helps take some extra wheat,

before price collaspes.


a good thing for producers, selling some helpning the process

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Re: Report: Global feed wheat usage

classic bear mkt psychic backdrop, mkt cracks, rallies some and perma bulls string out some

hopeful headline but  the true power of S&D drives forth. Even notice pauloser ONLY quotes what would seem to be a bull quote? World ending stocks went UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

SRW es is rising, mkt won’t bottom until the “ oh I am not making any more sales now” types sell.


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