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SCMN = Frosted hard Sunday morning - When I looked at this field Monday evening most of what was visible

were the brown leaves laying on the ground.  132 hours later it's looking better.



There were some plants within a few feet that didn't get hit quite as hard.





I've been told that the yield hit from this one event is between 5 and 10 percent.  Is that accurate? 

In the big picture probably not too significant but quite an area got hit, some more than just Sunday morning.



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Re: Resilience

Glad things are looking better.


Just found out that the Podunk Cafe is open again starting this week.

Tomorrow night is steak night.

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Re: Resilience

I'd say 10% is a good guess. It's the unevenness issue now. Like it all came up at different times. 132 hours is a long time. But it stayed cool a few days.
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Re: Resilience

Boy 76 - I don't know -  I agree with sw - about the unevenness - what I have seen is that corn that do's not come up till after the other is up is no more than a weed - it won't amount to nothing - yet this is a different problem - I know this is not a good reply - but It would be interesting if you keep posting pictures as days go by , somethig may be learned by all in your reserch .



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