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Review Your Orders

Got a call from my buyer today and we reviewed some standing sell orders I have in.  This may not be a good time to forget that you placed some orders last spring.

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Re: Review Your Orders

Great idea as I got a call today said I filled an offer contract that I had placed in Feb.  Uh-oh!  Little upset as I had dropped that one in the back of the file and not logged it on my notepad.  I called my buyer to make sure I had NO other offers out there just in case I had overlooked something. 

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Re: Review Your Orders

I have also been filled on 2 bids in the last week.

Wheat was about $20 /t below todays price but I won't complain it is the first of 2012's crop and I still have lots to sell. Now to get it sold before the price collapses again.

Corn, just filled on new crop and it might not get much better as Ontario seems to take away lots of CBoT rises with basis as it held our price up some when CBoT was down.

Still have a bunch of OC to sell and price is above $250/t again which is about as high as we have seen since this time last year.

That clears my bids but need to decide where to set some more.

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