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Great photos posted. Problem is, only the farmers know what you are showing by photographing the yellow corn fields. The corn that is even a pale green will be marginal at best to absolutely zero yield. Most others will say it looks green to me. They have no clue!
Pictures are worth thousands of stories, thanks for posting! Wish someone would fly Missouri.
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Re: Roaringtiger

Riverlandfrmr,  Thank you.   I can only take credit for providing the link.  I just ran across these photos earlier today on the internet.  I wish there were pictures of Ohio as well.  

There have been folks all summer not believing that the crops could be this bad in these areas and wanted pictures to prove it.  Well, as the comedian Bill Engvall would say.... "There's your sign."

Folks don't have to believe what people post on this site. And they don't have to believe that these pictures are real or are even that they are pictures from this year.  They can even say that the best areas aren't shown in these pictures.  They will have to believe it however,  when the combines roll and those grain bins aren't quite as full as they have been in the past.  

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