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Rollercoaster nears the peak

Corn Harvest Only 30% Complete, USDA Says

Article in SF ....... brings on some interesting thoughts.......

Will usda sit on the 50% complete number all winter.....  ??

30% and 50% of what are they talking about ??  Harvestable in reality acres??, usda projected harvest acres??,  whatever it takes to get us to 2021 with cheap crops acres??  



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BA Deere
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Re: Rollercoaster nears the peak

Because of Monday`s rain, I took off my seedcorn cap and had my truckdriver cap today.  In my area, beans are about done, but east of here i would say 1/3 to 1/2 done.  I think they`ve been wetter (higher rain amounts), later planted (only recently matured after freeze).   Also more livestock, some have a higher priority on chopping silage than cutting beans.  In my area, it`s mostly cash grain, so farmers roll out of bed and combine until it rains or they get done, when you also have livestock, many times you`re worn out choring before you get to the field and don`t feel like spending the next 20 hours on the seat of a combine   Smiley Happy

West of here Rock Valley area they planted later, wetter than we are but those big Dutch families have a couple brothers taking care of the hogs, couple brothers taking care of cattle and a couple brothers taking care of the crops on their $20,000/acre land.  And no shortage of money for the latest and biggest equipment.