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These computers are so quiet I can’t hear what traders are saying. — but it looks nice and green this morning and there is the melody of “wayward son” here in the trading room ....

Oh. Second pot of coffee is done.

Be careful up there. It’s february. This will all change.
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Re: Rumors

NO   LIMIT  UP   -  after   S O T U ,   and  the  Sec.  Ag   commentary  on  U S D A  -  website   on   S  O  T  U  -  -  -


Simon   &   Garfunkel,  sounds  of  silence  - ?    .  

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Re: Rumors

I gotta go back and listen to it ....... I am sure it was good.....  that state of the arogent condecending bureaucracy advertisement.  

Nothing funnier than those who have to borrow money to keep theiir staffs funded wearing white as a sign of something....... "we don't get our hands dirty" maybe.  We let the maids do it .... who knows...................


But I am enjoying this ...... for quite some time the only ones changing the market are producers and buyers of actual product.or actually buy.. as boreing as they might be.

No one has lied to us for several days..... maybe I just haven't been listening ..... I am sure the seed greed have had their gals out working the weeds but I been ........ not listening.


By the way how are you enjoying all this amazing information coming out of usda??  Writing history on the fly....... We spent weeks of claiming to not know real data and anticipating ........ missing our regular "plug in" to the publications with quotes from on high and we get this back log of meaningless data doled out in a IV drip form to our ravished tongues... so we don't overdose on information.........  and drown with data, precious prognostigations data.  Fitting on ground hog weekend.






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