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Re: Running of the Funds

Maybe less about funds more about individuals re-entering.


If the price of land were produced everyday, it would go up and down, unfortunately equities trade and trade and trade. Good investors own stocks, not for trading fun, but to own a piece of a business they think has edge. Fluctuations are all over the place over time while intrinsic value is much less volatile and in most cases increases over time.


In2008-2009 enmass the masses came out, in 2005, 6 , 7 – they went in. For come reason they are mass contrarians.


The economy is flatish but looks ahead, many indications are th9ings are improving.


Meantime efficiency is on the rise, more revenue, more profit relative to the # of employees. Corporate entities are expected to move towards efficiently, that is one of their missions.


Relative to i-rates, equities are still very cheap—as they say. But things will change.


A few posters here despise stks, I think seeing them as alt to corn futures and I suspect unable to see American capitalism at work.

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old man
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Re: Running of the Funds

Inflation. The Dow at 14000 now will not buy near today as much as 14000  did before. So to me that means that we are not near caught up yet

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