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Russia Sells Wheat

This story says Russia has passed the US as the biggest wheat exporter.


"That’s because droughts are eroding production in Australia, the U.S. and Canada. Those are the dominant suppliers of wheat to Asia, which accounts for about a third of global imports."


" “Russia’s crop is expected to be a record. They will need to find markets to supply that wheat to.”"


“Milling technology is probably the main handbrake” that’s curbed demand for Russian grain, Basnett said. “However, this is ever improving, and therefore Asian millers will be able to incorporate a higher percentage of the lower quality and materially cheaper Russian wheat.”


I'm not a wheat guy.  Just passing the story on.

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Re: Russia Sells Wheat

Samples of the commodity - at final destination - would be interesting ---

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Re: Russia Sells Wheat

Several things you brought up are stories on
Their own
Less in us, Europe and Aussies....the Russians can
Not make up exports
They don't have the export ability ((despite what Chicago says))
Second quality
..they can have piles of it, but if poor quality, no
...but tell Chicago that...a year or two ago Chicago
Push wheat down due to French wheat (yes France,
Sorry I'm not impressed)...but it was feed quality due to rains.....but Chicago doesn't understand....wheat
Is wheat isn't it ?

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