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Senior Advisor

Re: But 'Russia Today' news is OK?

First, Ukraine has been very unsettled and gone through several opposition governments, back to back through elections, with fighting in the streets since the Orange revolution. Don't pretend all was balmy until the last President deserted after ordering a snper attack on the demonstrators which failed to drive them away!!! After he 'got out of Dodge' there was a power vacuum, and the legislators convened and elected a temporary leader until new elections were held. And obviously, while building a secret $75 million compound with no authorization and billions missing from the treasury after he left it doesn't seem like the last guy was actually ruling in any kind of democratic fashion - which is partly what the demonstrations were about!


And let's not pretend that the elephant in the room wasn't always Russia trying to dominate through a puppet leader. Shutting off NG while unfavored governments were in power was certainly interference.


Did the US over do support for western elements? Perhaps, but only because Ukraine is too isolated for the US to support in any other way.


Putin is oput of step in today's world and it's clear he's overplayed his hand. He himself may be a goner in the next year or so as the Russian economy falters and the oligarchs chafe at the bit. He blew it!

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