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Russian & Ukrainian soybean plantings?

Has anyone heard or seen anything as to how many hectares of soybeans the Ukrainians and Russians are planning or have planted this year?

  I would expect that given the trade war situation, the Chinese would be really interested in a fall harvested crop from somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Re: Russian & Ukrainian soybean plantings?

I don`t know the answer to the specific question,  but will we hear of "Ukrainian beans in Carolina ports"?  🙂   Foreign grain is allegedly a higher price because it isn`t subject to Chinese tariffs our grain is of course cheap and yet Brazilian corn is imported into the US.  

What is China`s thinking, bide time until the 2020 election, hoping a new POTUS that will go on a world apology tour like some in the past have.  And they can go back to normal stealing US beans (if they are competitively priced) and sending us $400 billion more junk than what they buy from us?  The price for our 3 year stint in sovereignty being that they will only buy our beans if they are cheaper than Brazil, rest of South America and now Russia and Ukraine?   Alrighty then.  


If Ukraine goes from their expertise of growing wheat into soybean production, that would be a long term venture.  It would be like all of a sudden strat growing the US cotton crop in Minnesota (assuming the climate could handle it) there wouldn`t be the machinery and infrastructure to gin cotton in Duluth and would Kibble John Deere and Titan Case IH start selling cotton pickers?  🙂   


I have a friend that moved into the Alexandria Minnesota area in the mid-1990s.  Up there they raised silage corn, oats, hay and milked cows.  Well they started raising beans and didn`t know how at first, they windrowed them and combined them with their oat pickup heads Smiley Very Happy would it be that way with Russia/Ukraine?  Do they really want a new crop that is currently priced below cost of production worldwide?  Well, around here look at all the interest in growing hemp in a already saturated market.  Just grow it and the customers will come.   I might add that, the central Minnesota farmers quickly learned how to raise beans, now many are Bigshots like the "Minnesota Millennial Farmer".   🙂


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