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Russian grain priced out of the market?

Seems so as US wheat sold to Egypt @ $20 a ton below Russian price. Third sale to Egypt the very good quality AND quantity Russian wheat has lost. Even though the Russian rouble is at record lows to the $. It is indeed interesting that Russian wheat is good quality (for B Sea wheat) and most of the rest of the world has lower quality than usual.


The grain world is basically getting turned upside down. Heard from a friend that some HRS in Dakota is basically around $3 a bushel with all the discounts and shipping. On the other hand, if someone had 15% hi pro wheat they could get $10-12 a bushel, but who has that? With the rail problems I've seen one prediction that grain that usually goes to the PNW to get shipped out will start getting trucked to the Great Lakes.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Alberta and part of Saskatchawan had snow that broke down the grain and getting it off the ground will be a real batch!


I won't even start on corn and beans. There are probably a number of developments to seen there. But I'll put my number out for corn @ 166 national average.



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