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I'm just catching up on my reading, church had weekly community feed.  Started cooking about 1 pm.  We are seeing

more and more in attendance.......and I don't think its my cooking.


So.......our friends at USDA sent us a memo today......see the story on this website


(I hope the link works, my it was a long address !!)


we are told that we should consider "diversity"................HO HO HO !!!


ok, help me here, we are farmers, we produce grain, livestock.....ah......diversity..........what's left ?  greeter at wallyworld ?


Then we read how we are to have a dry winter in the plains.......we're dry now


And then an article about lower prices due to south America I believe.


So, if they are telling us to diversify, that means fewer exports, lower prices, and we're supposed to have

mounds and mounds of grain everywhere now.....and we see the market go down more days that

it goes up right now.....and for pitty sake it's Christmas time (for us and the county too).


Folks, I'm running out of things to say.  I talked to a fellow who raises problems with cme,

and he wasn't making much either !!


let's see, there is mary jane, mushrooms ????  but if your not in Colorado, then you don't even have those markets !!!


so I guess the only way I can end this is to say


Merry Christmas !!


while some market people will be on my back for saying this, but for the rest of the holiday season, forget the

markets, focus on your family, they will bring you more cheer, and far more value, than the few cents move

in the markets you can capture.


Enjoy the season........


we'll have a whole new year to "deal" with it.

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