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SRW production to be down 23%?

That's according to an Agrimoney article, which if true, would probably reduce ending inventories to very low levels this next year.

The equation is based on the late corn harvest causing late wheat planting, and reducing it, and the follow on poor conditions.

Anyone who does this believe this might be accurate?
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ray h.
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Re: SRW production to be down 23%?

    I believe anything is possible this year.We are a couole of weeks behind right now with N app.waiting for water levels to receade.What a **bleep** of a winter.Far more hammered acres continentaly than perfect acres.Ask an alfalfa guy.We have a dissaster in this area with winter kill on ornamentals in our yards! I believe!

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Re: SRW production to be down 23%?

Looks like 425 has a little wave to ride into apr 1st.

Direction remains up, against the seasonal for now.

Maybe some good catchup sales for people to make before harvest lows in the summer... Guess its time to ride it higher for a month or two

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Re: SRW production to be down 23%?

Looks like Australia is in trouble as well all my wheat is under water one day now covered with ice and snow




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