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SUSTAINED warmer dry after MAY 12

There are essentially three parts to the forecast. FIRST the rains this week. THEN the cold air mass... Then SIGNIFICANT warming.

The rains this week will be from interstate 70 southward.. good coverage of 1-2"... MN WIO ND SD NEB IA will MISS most of these rains

PART 2 -- strong cold front moves through the Plains and Midwest MAY 10-11.. temperatures will turn fairly cold for the middle of MAY but nothinbg liek we have seen over the past 3-4 weeks


PART 3 begins late in the 6-10 day. The European model shows a major warm up starting MAY 13 over the Plains and spreading east into all the Midwest MAY 14-15. The European model has MAX temps reaching 90 degrees over eastern MT western ND western SD eastern WY MAY 13 and 90 degrees over NEB and all of SD MAY 15. This matches up closely with the warm pattern indication being given off by the MJO which moves into PHASE 4 and 5 ... which in MAY correlates to warm / dry pattern for the Plains and Midwest.

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Re: SUSTAINED warmer dry after MAY 12

Just how cold will this strong cold front drop the temps. for central Iowa  May 10-11?  Any frost?  I know that will put you out on a limb, but give it a try.


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