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Thank you.  It is nice to rely on you and ask (and receive ) some clarity.  Your perspective definitely helps. 

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Re: SW

Welcome gio, 


Don't think I deserve the thanks and I don't want to be in the position of making excuses for anybody.


But------ IMO

Farming right now is the most exciting I've ever seet it and yet tougher than I've ever seen.  With drought and high prices came high expenses, which leads to higher risk ---- leading directly to high stress for many.  

We seldom go out of business for poor marketing.  But a lot of us are hurting when we can't produce ---- no matter where prices are. That's a lot of folks in a lot of different areas in the last two years of drought.

The competition between us is magnified when low production or high prices happen----- it is magnified again when both occur together.

High profits were there the last 3 years if you had production, yet I think this is one of the worst times I have seen for young farmers starting out.  We are dangerously close to loosing all hope of a young farmer owning enough land and equipment in their livetime, to feed a family if it is not gifted somehow.  The opportunity window is very small ------ IMO

Small farms now are farms that have been developed over 2-3 generations ----- were strong farms 30 years ago ----- but if they have not grown in the tech boom, can be lost in one crop failure without hope for restoration.  We lost a sizeable % of our farm operators in the 1980's.  Someone on here can give an accurate number to that.  I think the next 8 years have the potential for worse than that. 

In it all, some of us find excuses for living with disturbing attitudes and the desire to release on an internet forum.  Sometimes we mix those attitudes with "humor", but it is still disturbing.

Ignore us when you have to--------- IMO, we are an industry in flux, changing at uncomfortable speeds.


I think times of great development and change come with a lot of "growing" pain.


I am convinced that over many decades "adjusting to change" has been the biggest key to "successful farming".  We tend to do it kicking and screaming.


The opening markets this evening don't look like a correction for fridays slump.