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SWW Sprout damage?

Many acres in the Northwest USA are experiencing close to record rains the last few days and harvest was late because of the cool weather.  The Willamette Valley in Oregon normally produces grass seed but because of the recession the market is not there so they are now producing SWW and last year had a great crop but this year many acres are still not harvested and the heads are starting to turn black.  I feel that SWW is more likely to have sprout damage than other wheats and in the past we have really been burned by people blending with non-damaged grain.  The sprout damaged SWW makes terrible sponge cake and that is most important to Japan, I understand it is OK for flat breads but don't know about noodles.  The Washington and Idaho areas are probably in the same boat as the valley.  This should be affecting our basis with Chicago.

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JRfrom OR
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Re: SWW Sprout damage?

Thanks for your post.  Here in the Klamath Basin acreage of white wheat, and all grain, has been severly cut back because of irrigation water cutbacks.  We're not a big growing area, but still we won't be adding much production this year.

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Re: SWW Sprout damage?

I'm at Wasco in the Mid-Columbia area but I am aware of the real problems you all are faceing, in short it is a Hell of a mess.

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We are done with harvest.

I know of no wheat left that hasn't been cut in the easetern areas of the PNW. A few minor crops is all.


I'm in one of the latest areas to harvest wheat and we finished some time ago.


We have had some rains after wheat harvest - and it is going on over our heads to Canada where the really sad story is taking place regarding wheat and Canola and other crops.