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Say 2.8 to maybe 3 B on beans,

this year:


gonna be a bunch of "sudden death" on the wet stressed beans.


it's 2 wet, 2 late and 2 much stress for decent beans ( as far as USA National Total bu ).


ever seen a supposed 85 to 88 mill acres shrink to more like 70 to 74 mill acres of decent beans?


Your seein it Now.


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Re: Say 2.8 to maybe 3 B on beans,

yep. a whole bunch of beans in my area are dying.

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Re: which is it...$10.80 or $12 ? ? ? ?

Markwright, cause the market doesn't like the number "eleven"...


just don't hear much of soys selling off on elevens...



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Re: juliedavis, at $14 your gettin there,

harvest gonna tell if things is perhaps "over rated" now.


been pretty good duck weather in some previous good midwest growing areas ( c & b ).


i just don't see that changing much this year.



we'll see.

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