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Sell Your MF Global Claim?

There are several fimrs offering to buy your MF Global claim.  This paper goes through the discussion and the math on whether it's a good idea and how you can determine your own decision. 

The paper says the trustee has money to cover 72% of the claim so you are going to get that money.  This discussion is about the remaining 28%, which is not so certain of being found..  One firm will give you 16% of the total claim, or about 57% of the amount not covered yet by the trustees. The paper goes through the calculations to help you decide if you'd rather take the sure buyout or wait and take your chances on getting more than 57% of the 28%.

If I have you confused, read the paper.  It's short and I think very interesting and very clear.

When you do that, tell me which way you're leaning.  🙂  (I dont' have a dog in this fing, thankfully). 


Here are some teasers, but you really have to read the short article on your own:

"First, the firms who buy these claims do this strictly as a business "

"Second, the fact that one of these firms is offering to pay 57% indicates they believe there is a better than 50:50 chance of payment through the MF Global bankruptcy process. "

"Finally, before accepting any offer, have a financial advisor, accountant, attorney or other professional “run the numbers” ..." 

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Re: Sell Your MF Global Claim?

There was news this morning that a wire transfer was made minutes before they shut down MF GLOBAL in the tune of $ 165 Million dollars.  Now that should be easy pickens for the FBI to find that money.   Just ask the bank to provide the beneficiary bank account.  And lock up the recipient.... 

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