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Selling Soybeans Wet?

What do you think? Sell the soybeans wetter in town, taking the dockage hit? Or, do you prefer drying the beans on the farm, running the risk of extracting too much water and leaving some money on the table?

Listen to the latest recommendations from Paul Jasa, an extension agricultural engineer at the University of Nebraska, explains the level of moisture needed before cutting beans, combine adjustments for beans that aren't quite ready, and the economic difference of drying on the farm vs. dockage fees in town.

Full story:  Pay Dockage Fee or Dry Down Soybeans On The Farm







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Re: Selling Soybeans Wet?

Mike, anytime a farmer even thinks about drying beans its a bad deal. If memory serves me right the grain elevators would charge more to dry beans than corn. When I sold seed I quickly learned to sell slightly earlier maturing beans after catching an earful by farmers for green beans when they wanted to be harvesting. My advice to any farmer that farms anywhere near the great lakes region is to plant beans before corn, plant early varieties, or (My favorite) just don't plant beans at all. 

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Re: Selling Soybeans Wet?


I wished we had some wet beans! Have been cutting beans since the 25th, haven't had load go 12%, most are in the 9.5 to 10.5 % range. Today they are under 9, just keep getting dryer! 

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Re: Selling Soybeans Wet?

I don`t remember the last time I cut 10% beans, it seems like being lucky to combine 14% ahead of a rain event ...or snowstorm, just to get done by the skin of my teeth.   I really wouldn`t care if 10% beans were shattering on the sickle, I would love to have 10% beans   Smiley Happy 

The Hefty boys talk about "if your beans are too dry, consider waiting for a rain to raise the moisture"  Are you crazy????  Man, if beans are dry, thank your lucky stars  Smiley Happy    But they are out in South Dakota, I wonder though with all they rain they get out there, they might be changing their tune too now. 

With rain again this morning, I`m reminded how much I hate beans!  With corn you can go in December with snow on the ground, if you have beans better call Federal Crop Insurance yer done.  

Trying to sell wet beans at 15% I bet you`d get scolded, at 16% "Well, we`ll unload this load but don`t bring anymore"  At 17% the dock would be so bad you`d be giving them away.   I don`t know, maybe they got us trained around here   Smiley Happy

Did I mention, I hate beans?

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