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Seriously guys,Palousert?

     Did palouser get tired of getting jabbed with negativity and weak minded popular (I am a big farmer realistic third world bs reasons to be a seller stupid jabs,or are we looking at something eles? I  miss his comments!

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Re: Seriously guys,Palousert?

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Something must have happened.  Looks like last post was 5-15-15, but last date visited was "Thursday".


Hopefully, some simple explanation like, computer crashed, and too much trouble typing in comments on I-Phone.


Looking forward to hearing from him.

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Re: Seriously guys,Palousert?

maybe our friend james, the oganic fellow, could make some inquires ?  i think he is from that neck of the woods.

hope everything is ok


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Re: Seriously guys,Palousert?

Seems James is MIA as well