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Shaggy - Be Careful For What You Wish

OK - a quick Weather Brief while my cherry juice kicks in.


The good news - it's going to rain.  The bad news, for Kansas,  maybe rain, and rain, and rain, starting on Thursday, and continuing for the next week.  Maybe.  And, here, finally the Midwest has a shot at some meaningful rain:


10 Day forecast of surface pressure and precipitation amounts from the GFS model



Monday - a good sized Low in Canada has a trailing Cold front through the Midwest.  Moisture - limited on this front, but the bulk of the precip as I see it will impact KS.  Monday we have a good flow Low Level in from the Gulf, but it's deflected in KS, and I think that's where we'll have a the best shot at rainfall - some could be heavy.  This repeats 10 days from now:


10 Day forecast of surface pressure and precipitation amounts from the GFS model



with an even stronger low in Canada once again.  The set up right now is not condusive to real cold temps up North because of protection from the main body of the Jet Stream being up in Canada.  But our pattern that I talked about multiple times this summer - is still there.  It will be an interesting couple of months as plants try to beat Mother Nature to maturity.


And for you Shag - you could see a fairly active 10 days weather wise, with probably the most rain coming next Wednesday into Thursday, 8-10 days from now.  Heck, the entire Midwest could pick up some precip from these two systems.  Let's go less than 1/4 inch over 75%, 50% at less than 1/2 inch, 20% at an inch or less, and those getting over an inch about 10% of the Midwest, but KS will hog most of that.


There we are.  Shag - I delivered.  But maybe more than you're going to want when it's all said and done.




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Re: Shaggy - Be Careful For What You Wish

Beggars just can't be choosers Jen. It's time for a little rain, I mean we've had hay and cane in windrows without getting rained on for nearly 2 weeks now. Folks have had plenty of time to get their work done, now it's time to let the crops do a little work with a fresh drink. Thanks for the update Jen, appreciated as always.
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