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Shipping delays

I just read that there are 85 ships lined up and waiting to be loaded in Argentina's main port.  Workers are on strike it appears.  I am assuming that these ships will finally get loaded, but wouldn't you think it could mean a few more US exports?

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Re: Shipping delays

Who pays for those ships to sit there (demerge)? It takes a lot of fuel to move those ships even empty a hemisphere away.


I also wonder what is going on when most talk is of a corn shortage in June/July and it is the beans that are creeping up in price.

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Bulk carrier glut

The oversupply of dry bulk ships has resulted in daily charges falling from over $200,000 to as low as $15,000 a day for a Panamax. The ships will sit wherever they are if there is hope they can get loaded eventually. Especially since they are pretty much committed to carrying a S American cargo.

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