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Re: Has anyone been able to....

sorry, still unable to edit posts

here's the full link instead of half a link

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Re: Has anyone been able to....

@freedom1493 wrote:

This is an interesting hands-on account of the burning in the Amazon:

"I am pleasantly surprised there is not a lot more
smoke in the Amazon. This is normal.
It is August, it is burning season.
The rains come in less than three weeks, if you
are going to burn, you need to do it now !!!!!
It is too wet the rest of the year !!!!

Back in 2003-2005, now that was smoke.
We are probably 10-15% of peak burning
like that of the early 2000s. What is the major
difference? We did not have any social
media back then !!!" - Kory Melby


Logging the Amazon is a major cumulative Good economic effect for Brazil. 

A lot of the towns and settlements in the Amazon have 2 to 20 smaller sawmills. 

Soooo Logs provide major employment. 

So there's " slash" left that needs burned.  ALL logging everywhere has that. 

Amazon is Brazil Property... How they manage that is Their business.   Not ours.  MO. 

Heck if folks want to buy a 100 or 1,000,000 acres of Amazon and manage it another way... 

Just get a check out and buy some dirt there. 

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Re: Has anyone been able to....

As I understand it (you gurus feel free to correct me) but Brazil beans are priced off the CBOT and currently a little over dollar "premium" so as a Brazilian farmer if you slaush 200 kilometers through the mud, sit in line 3 hours, you get $10 for your beans?   So add on that busting up your planter on old tree stumps and the expense of 2 ton of lime and potash.  I`m guessing that land is going into grazing land?  Beef is the one commodity that hasn`t crashed off all time highs anywhere near what the other commods have. 

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