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ray h.
Senior Contributor

Silence is golden!

    Maybe it's time to be quiet,not give out any info,play your best poker face.These guys,(the trade) do not deserve any better.Let them sweat a little.I know this is not going to happen,but I will confess it would be interesting to be able to get into everones mind at a time like this.(There is a good chance there will not be enough of any thing!)

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Re: Silence is golden!

    There are a lot of good farmers that are making decisions they have never had to make. Some of the options are against their ingrained instincts. I have been in that position before and its an  agonizing decision. Every farm is different and so the decision to PP corn or go on to beans isn't always just dollars and cents. A generation ago it was go to the next cropping option. Today more than ever it's a dollar decision, there are no cattle or hogs to feed, on the farm. With the dollar value in PP corn in the wet areas of Iowa, S. Min , Wise , Ill , Kentucky, Mo, and the Dakotas, there will be allot of farmers willing to waive the white PP flag, and take the money home to the bank.

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