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Snodgrass says drier, but not dry ahead

That ridge in the southeast will move in the next couple weeks to the southwest...breaking this system. However, it still has moisture to work with, just not as much.  And of course we`ll trade 3" rains for 1/4" rains on already saturated ground and the calendar will read "June 20".  Sooo, make of it what you will. Eric has been right on the money so far with his explanations and prognostications.

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Re: The question remains, how much PP vs late planted corn or beans?

How many producers in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio will try to plant a crop of late corn,  beans or just take the PP and sit it out?

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say the Midwest will be a Hot



Heat should start in the next couple 3 weeks thru Sept.


dry starts to be pretty noticeable bout end of July.


Theres really Nothing to move weather from east to west as mentioned of supposedly the current SE heatwave ( Early for that btw ).

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Re: Snodgrass says drier, but not dry ahead

At least here, so far, weather seems comparable to 1995.  That year (here),  had window to plant corn early in April, then wet thru end of May or 1st week in June.  Late-planted corn (1st-2nd week June) yielded around 65% of early-planted corn (2nd week April).  Early planted corn exceeded APH averages here in 1995, except for flooded areas.  No problems planting soybeans in June.  From early June thru rest of summer, very minimal rainfall.  1995 Soybeans yielded 80-90% of APH averages here.  Biggest differences here between 1995 and 2019 -- 2019 rainfall in May is greater than 1995; March 1995 was drier than 2019 for fieldwork, putting on NH3; April 2019 corn planting window was a week longer and a week later than 1995 (though much of this 2019 window was used for fieldwork and NH3, if not done in fall 2018, which was generally wetter than normal).


Locally, I know people who got all their corn planted, and even some soybeans, before the rains hit.  I also know people who have been unable to get anything planted.  And everything in between.  My guess on local planted percentages right now -- perhaps 65-75% corn planted, rest to be late or PP, probably 20-25% of planted corn needs to be replanted or spotted in -- perhaps 5% of soybeans planted.


[by APH averages, I mean 10-year average yields at the time, not recent nor trend yields]

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Re: Snodgrass says drier, but not dry ahead

All the fields here look like rice padies.


Here in South Podunk country I'm thinking it's time to diversify.


Rice in the fields, crawdads in the puddles, and alligators in the terraces and ditches. We have an over abundance of raccoons, deer, Turkey, and democrat pres candidates as a food source..


Alligator "another white meat" .