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Re: Snow and soil moisture

That nasa forcast is a sad one.  


To remain calm----------------- I am starting to ask myself If we ever know what we are talking about.  Or do we just have to hold our place in the budget.  


Wouldn't it be wonderful if for one month no one had a comment or report.  And every trade was made only because someone needed to buy something and someone had that something for sale.


I listened with a straight face today while a salesman told a group of farmers if they spent $80 an acre they would get $385 return in improved yield.  Not one question was asked. ------------------ The food was good.


Maybe I been to too many of these winter meetings----------------- for too many years.






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Re: Snow and soil moisture

sorry,...i never asked relapsing going on...we don't want that....soil permeable...wheat that made it will look good...summer crops should have a decent start where you

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Re: Snow and soil moisture

John, here in north iowa we have at least 30" of frozen soil with alot to 36", so I doubt much soaks in. People that are ice fishing sAY 20-22 inches of ice on area lakes. We were all still installing tile after harvest , so i'd say the prevailing attitude was that we will have excess moisture again. An old farmer (i'm rapidly approaching that status) always said that it only takes about 4 hours to get "wet" in this country.

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Re: Snow and soil moisture

Huh -- I would have never guessed !!! But  I had sublimation one time !!  Was at a buddies house watching a race and ran out of the good beer , ( rain delay ) so I had a  couple of his -- out of date PBR's -- the next thing I knew I had Sublimation -- never made the connection !   Smiley Surprised

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