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Snowstorm Delays Export Sales

So, I just got off of the phone with an FAS staff member. This person explained why this week's USDA Weekly Export Sales Report will be delayed until Friday.

A snowstorm was headed toward D.C., on Tuesday. So, the USDA closed early, at 1:00pm. The deadline for export sales data is at Noon on Tuesday's. Therefore, the staff would not have enough time to comb through the data and get the weekly report pieced together. So, the Export Sales Report will be released on Friday at 7:30am CT.

Wow, Export Sales, WASDE and Supply/Demand Reports all on the same morning. Should be interesting.

By the way, this FAS staff member noted that Tuesday's snowstorm brought a lot of snow 30 miles south of the D.C. area, but when the staff member got to work on Wednesday not a flake could be found.

Also, because Dec. 31 was the final day of the marketing year for hydes, skins, beef and pork, a large volume of data for just three staff members is too much at this time to get the Export Sales Report out on time Thursday.


Consider yourself up to date!



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Veteran Advisor

Re: Snowstorm Delays Export Sales

snowstorm?....thought that was a thing of the past.   Smiley LOL  (j/k...kinda)

Thanks, Mike, for the heads-up.

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Re: Snowstorm Delays Export Sales

Go figure, long holiday vacations now can’t do the job in time. Ironically the index’s recovery over the Middle East was ignored by the grains again.  More people getting paid for excuses and incompetence the American government hard at work.