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Re: So are any bulls left!!

@farmerguy89 wrote:
Some people are crazy. Remember that 12b gone, 11b in jeopardy post? Some crazy outlandish bulls here.

There's gonna be a lot of corn. Lots of beans. Record acreage in ontario, so I believe the record for the states. People are still breaking sod in the spring here to plant crops... Come on!!!

The record acreage is for soybeans in Ontario up 21.6% from 2.5 million ac to 3.04 million ac.


Corn is down 15.2%, from 2.23 million ac to 1.89 million ac.


If you add the totals for Corn/Soybeans/Wheat, really don't think our total acreage has changed a lot.


Some of the record soy acres came from winter kill in wheat replanted to beans, and late planting conditions in many areas of the province.


So I am not as bearish.  Corn will need imports at that acreage for Ontario.  Hard to say what the yield on this wheat crop will be?  A lot of holes in fields that were kept.


All the crops here have a long way to go...  We don't need a early frost!


Take a walk outside tonight, its not exactly balmy!



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Re: So are any bulls left!!

MT is usually short by 1 - 1.2 bb... which by the way is closer than usda usually gets.

I gonna write this thing down at a 13.9bb.. and if weather stays perfect... 14.25bb

But sure am no expert
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Re: So are any bulls left!!

I want to know where the traders and usda
Get their yeild monitors. They can tell
you what the field will yeild several months
Before the combine even pulls in the field.
Ours are plus or minus 3%....maybe.

Dang I've got to get one of them new

I wonder if I get all the options unit,
That I can turn it on in the winter and
It will tell me what different crops will
yeild, so I can put it in the computer
And it will figure which crop I can make
The most money on.
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Re: So are any bulls left!!

Them thar computers are only as smart as the person running the keyboard.
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Re: So are any bulls left!!

The question is "are there any bulls left"


Went to town this morning stopped at the co-op. On my way home went by three pastures and I can say I saw a bull in every one.


Based on that highly scientific scan of the neighborhood, the answer in these parts is a resounding YES 

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