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So ethanol will cause the world to starve

But don't think about how much food is Wasted everyday in this country. 

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BA Deere
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Re: So ethanol will cause the world to starve

If we are going to be honest, ethanol doesn`t cause herd liquidations, the drought does.  I grew up during the time it was a honor to be in the "clean plate club"  and stories of "starving Chinese".   To this day I`m a picky eater because I wouldn`t want Mom and Dad scolding me for not finishing everything (if you put it on your plate it better be good because you HAD to finish it).  I see food being wasted in restuarants today and it still bothers me, housewives don`t bother with "leftovers" all a result of food that`s been ridiculously cheap.  Times are a changin`.

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Re: So ethanol will cause the world to starve

BA, your "clean plate club" comment reminded me of an older hired hand that ate meals with us.  He would take a piece of bread, rip it in half, then spread butter and jelly on the one half and lay the other half beside his plate.  He would eat his meal along with the jelly bread and when he was all finished he would take the other half of bread and wipe his plate whistle clean.  No food wasted there!!  

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