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Re: Wow!

That must have been interesting! We know absolutely nothing about our old world history. Grand dad and his brother came over here from germany and their parents followed some time later. I presume they were farmers because that was their occupation in Iowa. Supposedly they came from the Holstein schleswig area of germany and sailed out of hamburg when they came.


My wifes ancesters sailed out of hamburg as well on the Luisitania prior to it being sunk during WWI.

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Re: So, what'd I miss?

We've had nice weather here.  Combines have been rolling.  Unfortunately, our corn yields have been a disappointment thus far.  We had a bad flood 12 inches in June in just a few hours.  Then it proceed to rain everyday for a week after that.  Corn stood in water way to long.  First farm shelled out 120 bushel an acre-very disappointing.  Next farm is hovering around 130 but we aren't finished yet.  Maybe it will get better......

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Re: So, what'd I miss?

Welcome home Jeff, now can you tell me how to post a picture with my %#^¥$& IPad? Germany huh, does that make you a Roossian? Surly you know what that is, if not message me and I'll explain. I know I'm setting myself up here, but if it makes you feel a little safer, I myself am in fact a "Roosian".

Please fellas, be gentle.
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