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Re: Follow up on this thread 11/16/20

Time my concern in reentering this subject was how many folks we know who have had the virus in the Midwest and how few on the agriculture format comment on their experiences.   For a few months the Midwest was somewhat isolated but it is the opposite now.   QuestionS I have.  Since we know that covid “cases” have been highly overstated since an actual experience w covid is not required, only a positive test is desired.  Actual sickness , probably not.  Now time let’s swing this to social media.  Is it not similar?  Certain personalities want to be tested and other personalities don’t want to test till there are symptoms to diagnose.   Intelligent personalities don’t socialize constantly if at all.  So what % of a population needs social media?  Sm grows by its own need to grow and will count your every entry if needed to boosts stock value. But does it really grow?  Does any comment or sensor actually affect others or does each thought shared by 5  or 2500 just convince those involved the “everybody agrees”?  

My phone changes monthly. Apps come and apps go.  They get old and boring   - I reevaluate the worth of my “time” often and naturally I assume others do.  If the Sm sensorship taught us anything it says we can’t trust their data to be honest.  We have to make the judgements— was this last 30 minutes worth more than a walk down this country road with a grandson?  Social media can never be honest with you on that question!  Or even understand it.

lemmings can walk off the cliff by the millions  there will always be more of them   And conmen who eat lemmings.   Something about the “poor” comes to mind  as always being among us   

Socially I don’t see-as many phone worshipers as I used to  and I see more families acting like real families 

China is forcing its economy to be electronic Driven......Sm stats won’t make that distinction. ... not even in New York.  Is the social dilemna really a dilemma or just another addiction to waste ourselves on?

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