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BA Deere
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Some Covid19 facts

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Re: Some Covid19 facts

I see you are repeating trump


I am getting to the point where I

Just about cant talk...due to how

Crazy people are becomming.

We have people in this area now

Since they are free, are going to

big towns and shopping at the

big stores mentioned...with no

protection....saying "oh there is

no virus around here".

But....going to places we have mixing people from

All my opinion

Not good.

Our health dept has a list of counties, that if you go there

((an that is the sticky part, what

you do if you go to said county)).

If you do, automatic 14 day stay

At home order.

But the grocery store,

I see a car with one of the county

Tags on it, where automatic 14 days.....they crawl out of the

Car and walk into our groc store !!

Sports...people in community

Talking of traveling distances

For ball games....again...exposure.

In churches...guidelines are 27 foot

If singing...due to how far dropplets travel with the force

From singing....but plan to sing 6 foot apart....saying

"It just isnt church without singing"....from what I learned..

The church is just a building...

Also when 2 or more gather...and

god will always listen...24/7 no

Matter where you are.

We are our own worst enemy.

And now...if we spike up again in

Cases, trump said he will not shut

Things down....have you heard

Of the term "never say never".

These past few months just seems

Like a never ending nightmare,

and I cant wake up !!


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Re: Some Covid19 facts

Straw man argument, as always.

Everybody is "re-opening" as they have to.

The question is doing it in a fashion that harms our country the least.

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Re: Some times, all you can do is.....

 Some times, all you can do is protect yourself as best you can. It looks as though some people are going to have to relearn the lessons of the 1918 pandemic second wave, remember Philidelphia vs. St. Lous.  Maybe the best you can do is keep yourself & your loved ones away from the stupid people as much as you can and hope for the best.  When infections and deaths begin to rise again, which they will, it just might be obvious enough to chasten some of the skeptical.

  Ironically, the very ones who have the most to lose politically, trump & his supporters might be the very ones to suffer the most.  Let's hope so, anyhow.

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Re: Some times, all you can do is.....

The most patriotic and Christian way to proceed is to try to continue your own economic and philanthropic activity as best you can while trying to avoid being a spreader or adding to demands on the medical system.

As far as patronizing high risk businesses or events where there’s no alternative (takeout for instance) sorry.

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Re: Some times, all you can do is.....

I see where Carnegie Mellon estimates that 50 pct of the open up stuff on social media is bots.

Die or kill someone for whoever is behind a bot if you really must.

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Re: Some times, all you can do is.....

we should be testing for immunity  instead of playing do what your told.

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