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Some wet, some dry

Took a fast trip down and back 1-75 last week. Detroit Michigan to Southern Florida

Had to be back for a commitment that could not be cancelled by Sat.

I know this is not a very large area of crops, but was surprised that not one field had even started tillage or planting all the way down and back. Nothing, not one tractor was moving, any place, down or back. Never saw that before

Some water standing. On the way back, looked like the ground had dried out, but then it rained, so still nothing done that I could see.

Drove through a lot of heavy rain or had rained just recently, which covered a fair bit of distance, on the way back

Water standing on the way down and rain on the way back

Normally, south of us, a lot of tillage and planting is started or done by now, depending on location

North Florida was dry with sand blowing on any open or bare ground

Could not believe how it went from wet to dry in a few miles, but think it is more of a soil type with Florida being mostly beach sand and a lot of irrigation

Ohio local paper had a headline about how late the season was. Farmers worried  about wet soil delaying planting

And then I read about good planting conditions in the northern part of the corn belt

Strange combination of weather events. Hope that doesn't mean a hot dry summer, from the looks of the drought monitor

By the way, in our area, we have had corn delayed for 4 weeks, before emergence and a good, even stand

Just the way it is in our location. Cold soil temps will delay emergence, but rather have it in the ground as something is happenig, albeit, very slowly, some yrs.

Our concern is a late frost in May on emerged corn,/beans thus we start planting about April 25 at the earliest

Start harvest by Oct 20 at 28% moisture, to beat the fall snow, which means we all have to have corn driers

Might be a few small acreages that can wait and bin dry, but very few

We move the majority of our corn in June/July and Aug. for work logistics

We are on a 1/2 load restriction, on our local road, during spring, so can't move corn during that time

Then it is all hands on deck to plant the crop, fast as possible

We got very little SRW planted last fall, compared to normal, although our acreage doesn't have much affect on the wheat market

Some looks good and some doesn't. Some places hard to tell if wheat was planted or not

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Re: Some wet, some dry

Thanks for the tour.  I would have thought there would be some corn spiking through down south.

I have seen a few times corn took 25 days to come out of the ground around here, but it came and did just fine.  There is still time to get this record crop planted.

CIA.  Had a high of 52*, low tonight to be lower 30's.  

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Re: Some wet, some dry

Going down I-75 you would see corn & bean ground in Ohio, but I-75 is far from that type of ground in Kentucky & Tennessee.  

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