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Sonny !!

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word is now Sonny is trumps pick for Agriculture Secy



Some background on the fellow


Even more background


immediate impact....FSA office will now be located in strip mall's with Dollar General next door....

(sorry, just couldn't help myself)




**fake news**

"rumor has it that Sonny plans to have a gold plated set of crimpers on a display on his desk.  The inscription under them

reads "The buck stopped here".


hey....what do you expect for free ??


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Re: Sonny !!

I didn't read the links but here are a couple points, some of which was gleaned from the discussion of sonny on the "other site.
drought in 80,83, and 88 was a major factor in the 80s farm crisis
Sonny, as governor, led his state in praying for rain during drought. I don't remember what year that was but I do recall that event
Now consider the drought in the se US and that its redeveloping in the SW
Then connect the dots. Seems like a brilliant pick for ag secretary
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Re: Sonny !!

you might consider reading the links

Smiley Happy

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Re: Sonny !!

Sonny Perdue, one good Christian man!

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Re: Sonny !!



The lib that started this thread has done nothing but complain about most everything. He has had eight years of his party running the show of "hope and change" and he doesn't like the results.


Now that we have a slight real Hope and what appears as a real change he's having another fit.


It seems the more decent and God fearing someone is, the bigger the tantrum the  liberals throw.