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Sounds like another Bail

From Uncle is coming. 

Another 15% added cash payment for / on top of the PP payment. 

Also some more Cash for other classes. 

And sounds like IF corn test weight is 49 ( or 47 ) lbs Uncle writes the yield appraisel down by 50% and pays for it too. 

Uncle is trying some it seems. 

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Re: Sounds like another Bail

They should. Last year they reduced our PP limit from 70% to 60% on corn and 65% on beans.  For us guys that farm a lot of heavier river bottom soils it is important to have the 70% buy up option but we had that removed last year. Glad they are willing to extend some grace as I have 1,000 acres PP this year because our levee broke May 31.  

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Re: I thought everything was ....

What, I thought everything was just hunky-dory down on the farm, farmers rolling in dough?

  How many million acres of soybeans aren't going to fill pods, to say nothing of even set pods before mid-Oct.  It won't matter what the price of soybeans is if you don't make a crop.

  How many million acres of wet immature low test weight corn will there be? Anything below 52 lbs/bushel and ethanol plants can't use it even if there was a market for ethanol which there isn't.



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Re: I thought everything was ....

And who is president driving

The ship ?????

(((hint...its not obama !)))



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Re: Sounds like another Bail

What in the world are you talking about? Maybe a link with some real attributions?

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