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Soybean race......2010

It would appear that it is going to be a race between the record soybean crops and SDS....... Who will win?......p-oed

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Re: Soybean race......2010

Isn't this already in the market?  I posted in crop talk three weeks ago about SDS, and hardly got any response.  Just figured it was contained to a small part of Iowa, or other similar places where it has rained three to four feet since June 1.

Endusers in Iowa think it is not a factor....wide, wide basis into all of next year.  I think they already have alot of beans bought.

Now on the positive side, those of us with flooded river bottoms, have no worries about SDS anymore.  It will have zero effect on our yields.

Some spots in IA are kinda of like the freak show at the fair.  You have black flooded beans, SDS beans, good beans.  Then you have tall corn, short corn, green corn, yellow corn, and some corn that got hit with gray leaf spot or other stuff, that is dead...I mean dead like in November dead looking corn.  Have to admit, I am a little jealous of all of you that have great crops...but that said...I am glad you do, we need to keep producing it...or the government will find some reason to step in even more.

I have to admit I am a little surprised at the latest stimulus program from the USDA.  Up the bid rental rate alot on CRP for this round.  Now if you keep land out of production, how does that help the economy?  There should be a rule that they have to be cropped a couple of years in between sign ups to control weeds and work on tiles,  ditches, etc.  All those CRP acres hurt the livestock guy alot.

After a year like this...maybe need I a few more days in confession, glad I am still seeing rainbows.  But I worry a little...what is the think this is gets worse. (All jokes aside, those pics from Pakistan are really sad)

And yes NIA farmer, life is still good.

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Re: Soybean race......2010 how about white mold

   I live in Extreme SW Minn , went out to look at my beans . At first glance I thought wow what a great crop 80 - 90 pods per plant.

Walked a little farther seen some dead plants thought SDS then looked closer WHITE MOLD . Walked along ways alot WM.  Very disapointed, we had perfect weather all season. Its time to buy beans.

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Re: Soybean race......2010

I think it's in the market.  I, too, posted in Crop Talk.  Yes, there is a little more SDS showing up in Iowa, but it's very late developing and will not be a yield killer.  May take a few bushels off the top, no doubt.