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Re: RE: I agreee but...


Growing Degree Days Tool

Just plug in your zip code and see the change between 2018 and 2019.  The first takes you through to 8/31/19 and the second drop-down takes you through to 09/30/19.

Interesting stuff.  My area's GDD declined by 22%.  Explains why 22 counties here were declared  primary natural disaster areas.

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Re: RE: I agreee but...


No wonder I had green beans and corn planted after middle of May was/is still wetter than it should be.



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Re: RE: I agreee but...

It's too bad nobody at the USDA cares what the GDUs were.    

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Re: RE: I agreee but...

Roaring you hit the issue on the head........... super kudo

Usda obviously cares nothing about the actual crop...... They are totally into price control, and controling the media narrative.  Covering their individual back sides in terms of job security...  That is why they are quick to adjudicate farmers in terms of food poisoning outbreaks, when it is the job of usda inspections and standards to control such outbreaks.

But will you or do you ever see a usda inspector penalized for a mellon or vegetable food poisoning outbreak?  No --they protect themselves and hang the private citizen whenever possible.

They never consider realistic answers to real time issues.  Their loss of focus on their purpose,  or the political refocusing of the role of usda by federal employees and political party mandates carried out subversively is constantly present.  Even carried out by private organizations that are allowed to "contribute" to the usda budget in specified programs.

They cannot define what they "care" about, beyond their reputations.

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bruce MN

Re: RE: And where does that pork come from?

That’s a fair assessment of where “market price” is destined for once consolidation matures.