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Spring Wheat planting progress

Here in Northern North Dakota very little planting has occurred i would guess at best 10 to 15 % of land is planted and some of that land has significant drown out and crop looks tough from to much rain. The planting progress for spring wheat shows that 50% of the crop is planted for North Dakota but i find that hard to believe with all acres not planted and Northern tier of North Dakota is where most of spring wheat acres are found. I would guess that large percentage of crop planted of 10 to 15% is corn and other crops. I am wondering how Canada has been making out planting because they were similar with late winter and wet going into the fall. I think we could see significant area of PP and majority of those acres could be Wheat. The market seems to think theres going enough wheat but i don't think they believe that alot of bushels they are counting on are not going to get planted. Then what were hearing on hard red winter wheat disaster of crop i find it hard not to believe that ending stocks are going to way down and high quality wheats are going to be short supply.


Right now its raining over large area of state and rainfalls since thursday range from 2 to 4 inches on allready saturated ground and more rain forecast for next week. Also in North Dakota very little of land has drain tile were dependented on drains and natural drying so it takes time to dry off the top soil to get back on the land.


I have been waiting for markets to respond to create incentive to plant past planting dates but haven't seen much movement and it appears they are content with what ever gets planted. Canola market has responded some and in our area i believe that will create

some incentive to plant past planting dates.

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Re: Spring Wheat planting progress

It sure looks like the market does not want any more wheat, corn, or soybeans planted.    I think they are making a huge mistake in not running the prices higher for incentive to keep planting these crops.  The complacency of the market astounds me.

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Re: Spring Wheat planting progress

Not north dakota, but in iowa i'm surprised tohear about taking prevented planting. Apparently, prevented is a better option tha soys. alot of corn planted, but that acreage went backwards due to drownouts, washouts, and non-emergence. We all know the remaining emerged corn will make 225, right? My guess is less than 10% of soys planted. crop insurance told me it was ok to tear up 2 corn fields and replant , now the weather has to cooperate. Interesting side story is all the people looking for some type of cover crop seed. Oats is in very short supply.

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Re: Spring Wheat planting progress

Yes oats is short in Canada too. Everyone realized that they can get hay from oats, since traditionally hay is free from any sucker silly enough to have a hayfield but now it's 100/bale. Wheat plantings certainly help. I may grow oat hay as well.
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Re: Spring Wheat planting progress

Speaking of oats, my oat hay cover crop isn't going to cut the mustard this year. Just to many late freezes. The agronomist said it was beginning to head out and therefore time to swath it down. Only problem, it's about 6" shorter than the milo stalks it was no-till drilled into. Looks like it will be a chemical kill for it this year. I've got a small 5 acre patch that I might let go and see how it ends up, but the larger patch that is going back to winter wheat this fall will be sprayed this week for sure.
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