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Senior Advisor

Re: Steps to boot the spammers

@Jeff_a_Caldwell wrote:

Good morning, BA. Sorry about that. I saw what triggered it. Was the word 'w a t c h.' This should just be a temporary soon as we can feel like the spammers have moved along, I'll remove those more common words from the content filter. That was just such a common thread among all that stinkin' spam, so I thought if that could knock it down temporarily, I could remove it from the list in a short time.


BA -- and everybody -- thank you so much for your patience on this issue. I know it's been as much of a pain for you all as it has been for me, and I want you to know I appreciate you all hanging in with us. Keep on postin' and getting everybody riled up! Ha!


Quick glance at the thermometer here just shows a temp of -12. Hope Santa can get that ol' sleigh fired up. Maybe he ought to throw in an extra can of ether for the road...

Appreciate your efforts. Does make it a little challenges when you have to talk about the "non chargeable" travel in a clutch pedal in machinery talk section but much better than endless threads of crap.

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