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Honored Advisor

Still not running

Got to be some kind of record.

Last weekend we got 3.25+ inches of rain in a  24 hr period, came as a heavy drizzle much of the time. Even had water standing on the bottoms for a while.


Checked the tile lines yesterday evening. still only the one running that has not stopped since it was put in, in 1986. All the rest either not running or stopped as soon as the water quit running into the intakes. No extra subsoil moisture yet. Never seen the fields dry up this fast from so much rain this time of year with the cool/cold temps we have had.


I planted the bottoms last year when they were wetter than they are this morning.

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tree fmr

Re: Still not running

We had just under 4 inches. Only found 1 tile running. I have never seen that before either. Guess the dirt is thirsty!
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Senior Contributor

Re: Still not running

No tiles running here in NW Kansas either. I can't believe how we soaked up that quarter in of rain. It's almost like we never even got it. Crazy.