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Stock Market

I'm still out of the stock market. Today's 100 points higher to start and ending 100 points lower (DOW) - with an outside trading day lower, looks ominous to me. So far, I'm $1000 ahead by getting out, even though the market is higher than when I got out two weeks ago. I still think the market takes a hit. Someone says there's a lot of money waiting to buy in, and should keep the market supported. My buy back in area is going to be around the 200 day moving average, but I'll see what the next few weeks bring.

The forecasts suck. 6-10, 8-14, 30, 90 - take your pick. For the upper Midwest, it still looks like a cold start to the growing season. And, for what it's worth, it still agrees with my weather forecast for spring that I posted several months ago, and encouraging you to look at some earlier day hybrids in the northern tier. I still think it would be wise. Yeah, I know, I've heard the chorus saying it's only the end of March - lots of time. That's OK. But I haven't heard anyone bragging about the 270 day plus corn that still needs to be harvested out there. There's a reason that corn was left in the field. I'll leave it at that.

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Re: Stock Market

What's the corn basis like in your area?? Jen

Basis might be a better reason to not grow corn in the northern tier, until somebody figgers a way to get it to a market

Doubt it gets much better any time sooner

No fun having your bins 1/2 full and the next harvest wanting to begin


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Re: Stock Market

Forecasters here seem to be agreeing with you about the weather remaining cool for a while yet.

"We may get a little teaser — mainly on the weekend — of sun and near seasonal temperatures, but the long range, unfortunately, there is no good news there. It's continued cool and below-seasonal temperatures," he said.

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