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Re: Stocks to use beans....

I was taught and have read that the market function is to regulate supply by providing incentive for commodities and disincentive for those not needed.  Planting decisions should reflect market pricing changes.  But it seems like nothing actually works that way.  

These are not supply driven markets, these are totally speculation markets, where a few can drive the markets up or down rapidly with high speed trading.  But handing out punishment is not a function I want to think about.Smiley Happy   I think watching the greed levels rise is punishment enough.  The greed level is much higher than in Brazil, especially among lower incomes.  I disagree, we can corrupt with the best of them.  We are corrupt to the core(poor).  Maybe it is a draw.  We have stooped a long way.

Our government outside of the "party" level is probably our cleaner spot.  The voter wants to enslave his neighbor with regulation, his neighbor to pay his health care costs, his coveting trama, sickness caused by choices and drug indulgence included.  To control his community and world with hysterical claims.  To protest everything that does not pay him enough.  US is far more corrupt at the citizen level than it has ever been.  Just make up a problem like "homeolemnic condition".  A call to a congressman will get the ball rolling and a cry for only  $200 for basic treatment to be covered by insurance and provided to the poor at the local social services through taxpayer funding....................... we will have an epidemic ----- we are corrupt to the core.


Just observe any US person at work and see if they will take a personal call on a cell phone during work hours. 


Government reports are a public service and largely unchanged in the last 50 years.  The condescension of gov. employees has changed -- expected with public dependance.  The corruption though is the way the public uses those reports. No better example than the news the last few days.  I was attempting to show that with this thread.

At one time false or unproven statements carried a degree of guilt.  Now with the age of Al Gore's internet, prostituting integrity is expected.  There is no such thing as a good source of information once it sees the cesspool in the "cloud".  

It reminds me of my introduction to the world through the back pages of the Denver Post with all its scams and deviance from the norm.  The internet is like that home schooled religious child who finally comes to public school.  Gullable and open to abuse.  And we are all anxious to "teach" and "use".  No wonder every politician (like Clinton) falls in love with the internet.  Or any other manipulator with a cause and an uneducated public with no pride.

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