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Senior Advisor

Re: StoneX 176.9 & 50

Is that "ol beater" the one that got you kicked out of the car wash?Smiley Frustrated

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Re: StoneX 176.9 & 50

been following you for a long time Hobby, don’t think you need any financial advice. But just for the heck of it go for it 😜😜

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Veteran Advisor

Re: StoneX 176.9 & 50

You’re right Hobby - it was Maryland.   I still shake my head on the crap some people dig up to try and move a market.   That one though, took the cake….


Honored Advisor

Re: StoneX 176.9 & 50

yes that's the one.

Kicked out of a car wash in Albuquerque NM because it was "too dirty".

Shucks it was still mostly red.

Finally got it cleaned up in Bullhead City, Az.


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